Interior Photographer Kitchens

Interior Photographer Kitchens

Working for Bath’s Kitchen Designer Ben Argent last week combining excellent design with pure photography.

The modern kitchen is far more than simply a room in which we prepare food. It is usually seen as the most important space in the home as it offers such a variety of functions for socialising, dining and entertaining.
Based in Bath, we create beautiful contemporary kitchens to an exceptional standard in terms of design, manufacture and installation. All our kitchens are truly bespoke, yet competitively priced. We have a deep-rooted passion for design planning and a clear understanding of the subtleties and technicalities required to achieve a stunning and sophisticated outcome. With our expertise in design, making and project management; our kitchens successfully combine elegant simplicity with functionality, to provide solutions that work both on a visual and practical level. We often work closely with architects in developing our concepts – so that the kitchen furniture reflects the individual character of the environment in which it stands. Balance is a driving force behind every aspect of our design, with the greatest attention to detailing, proportion and material choices.

Ben set up Ben Argent Design in 2007, to promote his vision for aesthetic simplicity and balance within the modern home. The company has recently expanded from offering custom made furniture to include bespoke fitted kitchens.

Beautiful Bespoke Kitchens - Designed to Inspire

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There will also be more of Ben’s kitchens coming soon.

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