Hiring an interior photographer

How to hire an interior photographer.

interior photographer of holiday homes

I am writing this to help you make the right choice when thinking about hiring an interior photographer for your project and to help with the stages involved. I also remember a new client asking me if the images on my website were my own work, they are but how do you know?

Ok so you have a house, flat or rooms that you need some quality interior photographs to help sell something or just for personal record.

What do you need to consider and what questions to ask?

Firstly make sure that the photographer specialises in interiors, that they are an expert and have experience.

View carefully their portfolio website, what do you like? What is similar to what you want?  Come up with some questions about certain shots. Has the photographer got a certain style and is it consistent.

Phone the photographer, it is so much better to talk about your project and ask for a quote or say what your budget is. In this day and age photographers have flexible day rates depending on usage and number of shots and most would rather work than not.

I always try to get pictures right in camera with good light and minimal re-touching needed. Be aware of a photographer who over does the post production.

It’s much easier and cheaper to fix in
person than it is digitally. A little extra elbow grease can save you a
ton of money in the long run. 

What should I expect it to cost?  This depends on usage but for website and basic marketing expect to pay £800 + for a days shoot. That price includes the creative fee (the actual photography), the possible cost of an assistant  and what’s generally known as a processing fee the editing time.  

Some photographers including myself do offer half day rates too, but remember to phone and speak to them about your needs and what you want to achieve.


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