Beautiful Kitchens

Beautiful Kitchens 

SieMatic Kitchens are beautiful as this example in Somerset shows how old and new can go together. Kitchen’s interior photography shot for Spiller’s of Chard, Somerset.


How much can simplicity emphasize the quality of materials? Lean more about Modern Kitchen Design by SieMatic.

How can you design a unique kitchen by combining classic and contemporary elements? Learn more about Classic Kitchen Design by SieMatic.

Everything we do is to bring joy Not only for our customers and partners, but also for ourselves. Since the founding of our family business in 1929, we have been driven by the same idea: to develop exemplary kitchens. We strive to not only set the standard in variety of individual planning options, elegant design, or precision workmanship and high-quality materials, but also in our “inner values.” For the kitchen is a place where personal taste can be celebrated to your heart’s content, and not just in culinary terms. 

 For planning, design, and furnishing, it also provides great latitude for creativity. For more and more people all over the world, the kitchen is the most important and most frequently used room today. For them, we are working hard every day to reinterpret the kitchen, and develop solutions that give just as much importance to emotions as functions. SieMatic should make your life easier, and give and enrich what you desire most: something that brings delight - every day. 

Together with top international designers, we’re working to provide excellence for our customers.
The world is full of products with superficial, fleeting design appeal. Good design that lasts for decades must be well thought-out and well made - and that is how it becomes timelessly elegant. Furniture of recognized design pedigree includes not just chairs, tables or lights, but also numerous SieMatic developments. Our kitchen programs and design elements have received internationally recognized design awards, and have carved out their place in the history of product design.  

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