Covid Ready Interior Photographer

Mark Ashbee Photography is open and operating safely amongst this Covid 19 pandemic.

See below for Mark Ashbee’s Covid Protocols for a safe interior photography shoot.

Covid 19 Photography Shoot Protocols 4/7/20

The below protocols are based on and will
reflect the current Government guidelines.


Social Distancing

should aim to maintain a 2m working distance from others. However, where this
is not possible, this can be reduced to 1m +  “1m +” means 1m + mitigations, such as
use of PPE, additional hygiene practices, increased ventilation in rooms and
conducting conversations ‘side to side’ rather than being face to face with

·       Only essential team and crew will be on
location each day. 

·       In exceptional circumstances if keeping
to a safe distance is unavoidable for a particular reason, ie talent briefing,
filming in smaller spaces, face-to-face conversation will be avoided, time
restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes and face coverings available.

PPE / General Hygiene

·       Good hygiene practices will be enforced
at all times and teams reminded that although PPE is available, all measures to
reduce risk and therefore requirement for PPE should be exercised first.

Team reminded to
wash hands regularly with soap & water, cover mouth and nose with a tissue
or sleeve (not hands), dispose of tissues in covered bins straight away, avoid
touching hands and face.  Appropriate
hand sanitizer to be used where soap & water not available.

Filming on Location

For any filming indoors the following should be

Check in
advance that contributors are comfortable with members of our team being

If so, a maximum of people from two households
is currently allowed (eg. contributors and camera operator.) You CANNOT have
more than two households (eg contributors + designer + camera operator or
contributors + camera operator + client)

Team to
be inside for minimum time possible

Rooms to
be well ventilated (windows/doors open)

member to wear face masks and adhere to 1m + social distancing

Team should ask the contributors if they are happy
with their bathroom facilities being used well ahead of arrival.  They will need to bring with them wipes,
spray, paper towels and bin liners. 
Toilets and sinks will need to be wiped after use by individual.  Team to take their bin liner with used paper
towels with them, to dispose of safely.


-       Anybody
that has been on location or is due to be on location that starts to show any
symptoms of Coronavirus, must report immediately to senior

If someone develops symptoms on location, they
should be sent home immediately using private transport and encouraged to seek
medical advice. The
remaining team will be advised to monitor own symptoms for the next 14 days and
isolate at home if necessary.

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