Hotel Interior Photographer

Hotel Interior Photographer

So what makes a great hotel? The interiors, the food, the swimming pool, the spa, the bar ? there isn’t really one thing that makes a hotel the best or greatest. However, there are certain things that a hotel can offer and provide for its guests and my job is to photograph these for you.

Service: This is number-one. We think that everyone, regardless of whether you’re in town on business, celebrating something special, or just plain vacationing, you deserve the best service. A great hotel will not just have a friendly staff, but they will do everything they can to make your stay more comfortable. So to photograph this you need immaculate rooms looking their very best, quality props, look for the smartest staff on the day and use them in a range of images, keep an eye out for special features and  ask the question what is the hotel well known for?

Location: It’s important to stay in a place that’s close to where you need to be, whatever that might be. If you’re headed in to meet with clients or partners, or you want to get in some sightseeing. It is important to get some of the outside in the images usually giving the impression of warm sunny days.

Amenities: We admit it – we love the little stuff (that might not be so little) when it comes to staying away from home. In-room, HD TVs, free WiFi, luxurious bath products, free in-room coffee and tea service, and even access to an acclaimed exercise facility.

Bar & Restaurant: Whether you’ve been out all day seeing the sights, or stuck in an office having meetings in a city not your own, you’ll need a place that’s close and comfortable to find a bite to eat and something to wash it down. We think it’s vital for any great hotel to have a bar and restaurant located within or nearby. So what makes a great hotel in your opinion?

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