Interior Photography small kitchen

Interior Photography of a small kitchen

Interior Photography of a small kitchen. Have you ever wondered what the apartments interiors look like in beautiful Bath’s Great Pulteney Street. Last week I was fortunate enough to photograph one of the kitchen interiors  designed by Ben Argent.

I like the way the kitchen fits the space very well, it makes the most of a small space while keeping good design.

All of the kitchens are hand made and fitted to a very high standard in terms of the materials and construction techniques used and the innovative methods they’ve developed for leveling and aligning cabinets on site.

Ben has a deep-rooted passion for design planning and a clear understanding of the subtleties and technicalities required to achieve a stunning and sophisticated outcome. With his expertise in design, making and project management; his kitchens successfully combine elegant simplicity with functionality, to provide solutions that work both on a visual and practical level.

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