Photographer of Hotels

photographer of hotels

I do love photographing a good hotel room. Capturing its beauty and telling its story is how I go about photographing the interiors of hotels and their exteriors. It is often about what’s looking good in a room, additions or subtractions to make the picture.

interior photographer of hotels

If well planned & organised a lot can be achieved in a day. Together we can shoot 4-5 bedrooms with bathrooms, some general areas, the restaurant, the bar, staff, pool, spa, conference room and the exterior & gardens. I am used to fitting in with the day to day working of a hotel and understand the need to be flexible. 

After the shoot day I will spend a day or more editing and improving the images, to make them look their very best and giving you magazine quality images for you to use.

hotel photographer

Can you see the quality? Can you see your hotel photographed like this? Would you book this room?

interior photographer hotels

I try to fit within budgets and can art direct your project too. Get in touch to talk about what I can do for you.

I have made this blog with black and white images so you can see the quality of photography I can provide without being distracted by colour but of course I do shoot in colour. Follow this link to see the images in colour

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