Portraits on film

Portraits on film.

If you need a quality profile portrait, family portrait, graduation portrait, group portrait or special occasion portrait why not go for a portrait shot on real film.

With the completion of my photographic film darkroom I am now offering to clients a portraits on film service.

Real film is still better than digital, the quality of a film negative printed on photographic paper has not been bettered by digital.

Yes it is a luxury, yes it takes time but will last forever.

So what do you get.

A portrait session shot on b&w film in the comfort of your own home or a favourite location for an approximately 1 hour.

Film processing and contact sheet.

1 x 10 by 8 Fibre Based B&W print.

Plus digital versions.

Additional prints are available at an additional cost.

For this very personal service I charge £250 plus any travel costs.

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