Somerset Interior Photographer

Somerset Interior Photographer

Another beautiful kitchen for Spiller’s of Chard, and yes it is another SieMatic.

Products that are exemplary in technology, design, and quality. Continually meeting these high expectations is and always has been the basis for the remarkable international success of many German companies, SieMatic among them. Our kitchens have been exported and represented worldwide since 1960 as an ambassadors for German brand quality - in apartments and lofts; terraced houses and villas; in large cities and rural areas; in 60 countries on nearly every continent, and in many diverse cultures.

The Living Kitchen exhibition in 2015 in Cologne will see SieMatic showcase new developments in the company’s PURE and CLASSIC style collections alongside the new URBAN theme, whose debut introduces an innovative kitchen solution – the new SieMatic 29. SE 3003 R and S2-R with frame fronts in metallic materials, fine wood and nuanced finishes, inspired by the PURE style collection and first shown in the fall of 2014, will also be presented, along with re-interpretations of the successfully established SieMatic BeauxArts in the CLASSIC style collection.

In this staging of a SieMatic S2, lotus white lacquered front panels meet light oak,

matt meets gloss, and graphical austerity meets homey elegance. Accents are provided by shining nickel
handle recesses. The veneer front panels of the island extend nearly to the floor and are set apart from the design
of the surrounding elements by a perfect veneer grain. This creates a formal unit that optically
separates kitchen and living area. The panel wall system Floating Spaces and the tall cabinets are installed in such
a way that they seem to be components of the room architecture. The fine, lotus white shelves are offset

by the natural oak veneer panel wall, in order to soften the austere geometry of the kitchen. One of the shelves
transitions to the neighboring countertop of the same thickness, and the joints of the panel wall are
continued in the vertical handle recesses of the tall cabinets. 

In our highly efficient times, many things are losing their individuality. That makes it all the more
understandable that each one of us wants room for a personal lifestyle – including in the kitchen. Because it’s not
just a question of perfect function, but also one of great emotion. After all, the kitchen long ago ceased to be
the nondescript setting for laborious tasks and has instead become the expression of individual lifestyle.
Where practicality meets sensuousness. Here not only the palate and the nose, but also the eyes, ears, and heart
seek joy. It should be a place to enjoy not just cooking, but all of life.

To develop such kitchens – that is the goal of the engineers and designers who work for and with SieMatic.
A particularly impressive result is called SieMatic S1: a feast for all the senses. Its minimalistic design offers
surprising inner values, unique options, and state-of-the art technologies. 

The world is full of products with a superficial attraction that rapidly fades.

Good design that lasts for decades is not created until something is well thought-out and

well made – and thus provides a timelessly elegant look. The furniture of recognized high design quality
includes not just chairs, tables, and lights but also numerous SieMatic developments:

kitchen programs and design elements that have received internationally recognized design awards
and have earned their place in the history of product design. For example, the SieMatic S1,

whose unmistakable language of form has won numerous awards. 

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