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  1. Interior Photographer Cornwall 2023

    2022-12-09 10:15:14 UTC

    Interior Photographer Cornwall 2023 Very pleased with my cover image for first magazine of 2023. A very beautiful house near Henley. When I photograph a house or building I try to show some of its soul and tell the story. Get the very best angles, explore the lighting and use…

  2. Interior Photographer Terms & Conditions 2020

    2020-01-29 09:37:15 UTC

    These terms and conditions shall be effective in relation to all dealings with Mark Ashbee Photographer. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is not to be varied except in agreement in writing.  01. DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this agreement “the Agency” and “the…

  3. House Beautiful Seaside Cottage Interiors

    2019-06-18 11:01:05 UTC

    House Beautiful Seaside Cottage A tranquil coastal colour scheme reflects the peaceful setting of this harbourside cottage. A grade 2 listed cottage built in 1800s in Mousehole, Cornwall. Beautiful art hangs on the wall painted by local artist Henrietta Graham. Furniture by Loaf, Laura Ashley. You can stay at Gloria…

  4. Natural furniture photographer

    2019-03-28 14:31:47 UTC

    Natural furniture photographer. Furniture shot using natural daylight on a white background giving a very pure image that concentrates on the design. The daylight just strips down the pureness of the design making very real images.

  5. furniture photographer

    2016-11-14 14:51:00 UTC

    Contemporary design combined with the use of traditional craft-based methods.  The exceptional pieces created by Jonathan in the Coleshill workshop are examples of understated, timeless style. All pieces, materials and colours are tailored to the individual clients’ requirements.

  6. hiring an interior photographer

    2016-04-21 13:36:00 UTC

    It is easy hiring an interior photographer but how do you choose the right one for you I send this schedule of work with any quotes I am asked for to outline what a typical day of interior photography involves. I hope you find it useful and give me a…

  7. Interior shoot for 25 Beautiful Homes

    2016-02-05 19:17:00 UTC

    Out now my latest shoot for 25 Beautiful Homes. A lovely house in Polzeath with interiors by Pebble Design. ©25 Beautiful Homes March 2016

  8. furniture catalogue photographer

    2015-11-14 10:54:00 UTC

    furniture catalogue photographer furniture catalogue photographer furniture catalogue photographer furniture photographer chair photographer

  9. My first cover on a National Interiors Magazine

    2015-10-01 14:52:00 UTC

    My first cover for a  National Interiors Magazine 25 Beautiful Homes November 2015. Big thank you to the owner Stephen, to the Interior Designers Helen Holmes and Jane Layton of JH Designs Cheltenham, the writer Kathy Hurst and 25 Beautiful Homes. You never forget your first cover thank you ©…

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