hiring an interior photographer

It is easy hiring an interior photographer but how do you choose the right one for you?

I send this schedule of work with any quotes I am asked for to outline what a typical day of interior photography involves. I hope you find it useful and give me a call to talk through your needs.

Schedule of Work for Interior Photography

This schedule of work is a guide to what
can be expected when you hire Mark Ashbee for your interior photography.

I have over 20 years of experience in
professional photography and  bring this
expertise to my shoots. I will photograph the whole room from the best angles
that work visually and also parts of rooms that look good. The rooms will be
styled to make them look their best by either myself or a stylist if the budget
allows. Detail shots of special features that catch my eye or that the client
requests. My style has a strong use of symmetry for maximum impact to show
design at its best. Furniture pieces & features set within its location.

You will get a series of edited
images that tell the story, images of high quality, magazine quality. The
images will have corrected verticals & horizontals, they will not be
distorted, maximum depth of field will usually be used & will be colour
corrected & white balanced to give a natural & pure look. The images
will be provided in high resolution & in the formats that you require by
either image transfer or on DVD. The client will get a licence to use images
priced on usage & copyright will remain mine. The images will also be
archived for 2 years or more if requested.

To get the very best shots I will use
natural daylight, reflected light, ambient light, available light, tungsten
lighting & flash lighting or a combination when needed. I use top of the
range cameras & lenses, computers and software all working together.

So to recap when you hire me you get
the day of photography, a day of post production & editing and a licence to
use the images.

Using Format