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  1. Interior Photographer of the South West

    22 Mar 2022

    One of my favourite homes to photograph - built with love by Ian & Justine.  It was built on an incredibly tight budget and is a passive house. This property is the future of building.

  2. Homebuilding and Renovating Awards 2021

    29 Dec 2021

    The Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Awards 2021 It has been a privilege to be involved with many of these projects this year. The owners were fab and very helpful in getting their homes ready to be photographed. I learnt a lot about passive houses and eco homes. For almost…

  3. Devon Interior Photography

    26 Aug 2015

    Devon Interior Photography  Bedroom Interiors from this year in the beautiful County of Devon. I love travelling down the M5 to photograph the interiors of a new house, a hotel, a bed & breakfast or holiday let & this year has been busy. Some beautiful kitchens in the South…

  4. Interior Photographer Mark Ashbee

    25 Aug 2015

    Interior Photographer Mark Ashbee Mark Ashbee is a creative interior photographer with a pure & natural style based in Clifton, Bristol. Mark comes from a fashion photographer/ portrait photographer background and this makes Mark a special commercial photographer able to provide beautiful & creative images for his clients. His unique…

  5. Interior Photographer South West

    19 May 2015

    Interior Photographer South West I had a phone call today from another interior photographer asking if I do any workshops on lighting as they love my images, always lovely to have a little praise and it got me thinking about what I provide and who am I aiming at. I…

  6. Hotel Photographer

    18 Mar 2015

    Hotel Photographer Getting your hotel photography right is an important part of your brand communications for your hotel. You could have a sparkling website, a nice logo and some wonderfully written copy, but if your photographs don’t convey the overall quality of your rooms (or even worse, make them look…

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