Hotel Photographer

Hotel Photographer

Getting your hotel photography right is an important part of your brand communications for your hotel. You could have a sparkling website, a nice logo and some wonderfully written copy, but if your photographs don’t convey the overall quality of your rooms (or even worse, make them look considerably worse) you are running the risk of losing new bookings.

Make the most of the little details.

If you’ve spent the time on the little details in your rooms, show them off. Drawer handles, vases, right down to the number of the door of the room. Grouping these detail shots together with the larger room image will help give prospective guests the most inviting impression possible.

Tell a story. This is often overlooked in interior photography, and with a few simple additions to the scene, telling a simple story can lift the quality of the shot and make it feel more atmospheric and comfortable. Don’t over-think the setup, just adding some luggage or a chilling bottle of wine with a couple of glasses can take an ordinary room shot up a few notches to set the scene for a weekend retreat or celebration.

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