Your Home in an Interiors Magazine

Your Home in an interiors magazine

If you’re proud of your home, why not contact me to see if it can be featured in a magazine? 

I am an Interiors Photographer & work with some of the leading interiors magazines in the UK and beyond. Your home doesn’t have to be palatial, and you don’t have to have spent a small fortune decorating it – as long as it’s fabulous it won’t matter whether you live in an ex-local-authority flat, an elegant townhouse, a country cottage or a suburban semi, there’ll be a homes editor out there looking for properties like yours.

So why would you want to get involved?

    You can share your sense of style with the world. If you’re proud of your decorating (or even self-build) prowess, then why not show off a little bit? There are plenty of interior design fans who would love to be inspired by the result of all your hard work. You’ll have a permanent reminder of your beautiful home. Professional photographs will present your home at its very best, so a copy of a magazine with an article on your home is a lovely keepsake. You can boost your business. If you work in a relevant field – perhaps you are a designer, an artist or maker, or you have an interiors shop – the PR you can achieve from a substantial feature in a national magazine is worth many thousands of pounds in equivalent advertising value.

    If you like the sound of this, the next step is to send me some snapshots of your home to I will need pictures of all the main rooms, including kitchen, bathroom, living area, dining area, at least one or two bedrooms, and an exterior shot (of the front, and if possible one of the garden too). The magazine editors will make their choices based on these recce shots, so it’s best if they’re taken on a bright day with a half-decent digital camera. If you live near to Bristol I could do the recce shots myself.

    How does the process work?

    Once a magazine has agreed to feature a home in principle, we organise a mutually convenient day for a stylist and myself to visit your home. Most shoots take a day, and you’ll need to be happy to be photographed too (most magazines request a ‘homeowner’ shot) – it’s rather fun to see a professional photographer at work, and you’re bound to pick up some interesting tips from the interiors stylist too!

    After the photographs have been processed and edited a writer will need an hour of your time for a telephone interview – They tend to send the questions in advance so you’ll have an idea of what they’d like to know before you speak, which means there will be no ummm-inducing surprises! Bear in mind that some magazines will want to know where you bought things and how much they cost, so if you’d rather not share this information during an interview please let me know when you send the initial recce shots.

    Once the copy has been drafted, they’ll send it to you so that you can make sure they’ve been accurate with the facts, and that you’re happy with the way you’ve been quoted. Once you’ve given it the thumbs up, the pictures and text are submitted to the magazine, and a few months later (depending the magazine and its schedule) you’ll receive a copy of the article in print, complete with your wonderful home in a starring role!

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