1. Interior Photographer Cornwall 2023

    2022-12-09 10:15:14 UTC
    Interior Photographer Cornwall 2023 Very pleased with my cover image for first magazine of 2023. A very beautiful house near Henley. When I photograph a house or building I try to show some of its soul and tell the story. Get the very best angles, explore the lighting and use…

  2. Interior Photographer of the South West

    2022-03-22 12:24:06 UTC
    One of my favourite homes to photograph - built with love by Ian & Justine.  It was built on an incredibly tight budget and is a passive house. This property is the future of building.

  3. Interiors Cover Story

    2022-03-15 15:36:10 UTC
    A beautiful Cotswold Cottage with a modern extension, which was a joy to photograph. The exterior is perfectly proportioned. Stunning use of textured materials. Thank you to Sam & Sarah for being great hosts. See more of my tearsheets here

  4. Terms and conditions 2022

    2022-02-01 11:42:00 UTC
    Interior Photographer Terms and Conditions Terms & Conditions for Mark Ashbee Photography 2022 These terms and conditions shall be effective in relation to all dealings with Mark Ashbee Photographer. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is not to be varied except in agreement in…

  5. Holiday Home Photographer

    2022-01-24 12:41:28 UTC
    I have photographed holiday homes from Cornwall to the Cotswolds.  When I’m not working for magazines or major brands, I enjoy working with new clients and aim to fit to a range of budgets. I offer full day & half day rates, which include editing time. Prospective clients often want…

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