1. flowers from chelsea flower show

    14 Nov 2016

  2. furniture photographer

    14 Nov 2016
    Contemporary design combined with the use of traditional craft-based methods.  The exceptional pieces created by Jonathan in the Coleshill workshop are examples of understated, timeless style. All pieces, materials and colours are tailored to the individual clients’ requirements.

  3. Chelsea Flower Show 2016

    14 Nov 2016
    This year was my first visit to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and it was fantastic. Such an interesting range of visual feasts. Yes there were a few celebs enjoying the early summer. But for me it was about the design. Chelsea is the world’s most prestigious flower show that…

  4. Bristol City Hall

    11 Jul 2016
    Bristol City Hall I have been lucky enough to be involved in the transformation of Bristol City Hall what used to be known as Bristol’s Council House. Photographing the interiors has been a real pleasure as has working with Alison White and her vision. “Both the outgoing and incoming…

  5. Beautiful Bedroom Interior

    09 May 2016
    I came across one of my beautiful bedroom interiors in yesterday’s Sunday Times & had forgotten how elegant it was. It’s a bedroom at the Talland Bay Hotel near Looe in Cornwall.

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