1. Lympstone Manor Interiors

    2017-11-24 10:44:29 UTC
    Lympstone Manor Interiors A country house hotel for the 21st Century in East Devon  Lympstone Manor is a luxury country house hotel for the 21st century. The Grade II listed Georgian mansion in Devon, which opened in April this year, has been restored and renovated by Michael Caines MBE, one…

  2. Interior Photography for Handcrafted Kitchens

    2017-05-03 07:23:00 UTC
    Interior Photography for Handcrafted Kitchens New Work photographing the kitchens at the new Handcrafted Kitchens Showroom in Essex. A beautiful showroom with an old and new interior theme. The natural daylight was beautiful and made these interior shots. Super details.

  3. Corporate Portrait Photographer

    2017-05-02 11:49:00 UTC
    I used to work for the well known corporate photographer Ric Gemmell when I first moved to London as an assistant. I learnt a great deal about lighting, dealing with people and traveled the World. In the last year I was asked to trial some portraits for Forrest Brown in…

  4. Lympstone Manor

    2017-05-02 11:36:00 UTC
    Lympstone Manor, in Devon, is the hottest country-house opening of the year. But don’t go expecting ancestral oil paintings, or even a spa or pool. Its killer ingredient is its owner, Michael Caines, one of the most talented chefs in Britain, and he reckons he’s created the ultimate spot for…

  5. Terms & Conditions Interior Photographer

    2017-01-01 14:32:00 UTC
    These terms and conditions shall be effective in relation to all dealings with Mark Ashbee Photographer. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is not to be varied except in agreement in writing.  01. DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this agreement “the Agency” and “the…

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