1. How to have a successful interior photography shoot

    2021-03-10 14:20:36 UTC
    How to have a successful interior photography shoot. I often get asked to quote for small businesses who want beautiful images.  This is a guide to help and explain what I consider is the best way to achieve quality images. For an ideal shoot I would expect the following roles…

  2. Interior Photography Shoot for Thomas Sanderson

    2021-03-03 10:55:50 UTC
    Interior Photography Shoot for Thomas Sanderson Blinds This blog is about an interior photography shoot for Thomas Sanderson and how the images were created. Its aim is to explain what is involved in a professional interior photographic shoot. The main creative team met at the location house in February 2020…

  3. Covid 19 Shoot Production Guidelines 2021

    2021-02-10 11:30:00 UTC
    aop-sars-cov-2covid-19-shoot-production-guidelines-vaop-5.pdf These guidelines have been worked up by the Association of Photographers (AOP) and are aligned in the main to the existing APA COVID production guidelines but are more pertinent to stills photography production (including moving image). They have been developed by a cross-section of the AOP leadership, membership and…

  4. Terms & Conditions Mark Ashbee Photographer 2021

    2021-02-04 14:39:52 UTC
    Terms & Conditions for Mark Ashbee Photography 2021. These terms and conditions shall be effective in relation to all dealings with Mark Ashbee Photographer. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is not to be varied except in agreement in writing.  01. DEFINITIONS For the…

  5. Interior Photographer Bath

    2021-01-31 10:39:00 UTC
    Interior Photographer Bath Bath has so many beautiful buildings and I was fortunate to photograph this gorgeous apartment on Belle Vue. The large windows The large windows let in a beautiful north light & I softened it further using a large diffusion screen. The products used in the shoot complemented…

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